VAMH Pre-wedding activities
Mad dash through Boston traffic to get fitted for the tuxes, an hour late to the rehearsal, and a great finale at Johnny’s for dinner.
Looking good baby!
Not so bad yourself brother!
Ooh..i like the black..HOT!
Sister on the way to rehearsal
Mika on the way to rehearsal
Vinny multi-tasking
Citgo sign!  
This is for sister...the tunnel aka Big Dig
Sister IN the tunnel
We are all here! Late but here!
Still on the phone?!
We’re HERE!
The whole troop heads inside
Taking a picture of you taking a picture of me taking a picture of you
My mom’s hair explains how nice the weather was.....
Kathy gathers Rayn
Andrea is yelling at somebody!
I’m guessing Eli is down there?
Oh how this picture speaks a million words...
Rayn practicing her duties
My sister and sisters from another mother
Rehearsal was confusing Mom..I agree
AWWW!! The cutest kids EVER!
Mika and Sean, though thats not how it happened on the day of???
Andrea and Rajib
Rayn and Eli
Practice makes perfect
Wow...let’s work on that smile kiddo ;-)
The boat I never got my picture with...*sigh*
Off we go!!
Johnny and Rynnette’s
mmm...good food, great people
Rayn before the cake (believe it or not)
I can only imagine what he is telling them...
My most favoritest girls
The AWESOMEST cake ever!
George serving the rowdies
They better not be talking about me!
Silly girls
The bar is officially open
Cousin Therese and I (looking a little tipsy I might add)
The boys
Dad and Hilary enjoying the party
One of my new FANTASTIC aunts and her wonderful sister
Hot stuff
Vinny being a smart ass with his two beautiful sisters
ohreally? yareally
Can you tell they are brothers?
The Maroun’s
mid action shot
The cool people hang at the bar
I love this pic of Andrea looking at her wonderful son
More drinks?
Andrea and Kathy
Me and my new sissy
new family!
Andrea and my Aunt Candi
Papa Scott, Rayn and Gamma
Eli finally cuts the cake!
Blue tongue!
Fluff has had enough of the party..
Sister opening her gift
oh and now we are all
Mom and Cousin Nora visiting
Big Brother
ohreally? yareally
the boys can never have enough pictures of these guys!
Mika and I at the end of the night
My girls! XoXo
My girls part 2!! XoXo
The other newlyweds
Same picture...different angle..Anthony in mid-blink
Angelo and Rula..better late than never!
Me and my Mommy! XoXo
The next newlyweds...:-)
George and Eli
The amazing slideshow