-Andrea and Ally visit MN August 2006-

On their way!




Vinny doing what he does best...

Ally on the walking bridge of the Mississippi river.....we definitely tested her fear of bridges on their trip! (sorry ally!!)

aww..charlie loves company

A sample of what the girls did to prepare for bed nightly...if only you could hear the giggles this photo session produced...


The girls and the infamous cherry

Brother and Sister (and cherry)

Showing them the city

Waiting to go into the Science Museum to see Body Worlds

Trio of estrogen...poor Vinny!

Andrea and Charlie..so cute!

Duluth in the background

Poor Ally was allergic to...well we dont know...but just about everything!

go go girls anyone?

Soooo pretty!

Andrea taking a pic of me taking a pic of her

Split Rock Lighthouse

The girls were amazed at the poles on top of the fire hydrants....lots a lot of snow!



The Last Place on EARTH...what you cant see is the sign for Urine Cleaner....mmmm....nice store!



Andrea and Ally in the greenhouse thingy at the Cherry place

the girls in St Paul

Ally having fun at the Science Museum....creating energy by riding a bike


lez go

Me and Lake Superior

Andrea and Lake Superior

lez go

Vinny and Andrea on Lake Superior

You have to WHAT? Plug your car in so it doesnt freeze??

Can you tell everyone is sick of me taking their pic??


Ride Ride Ride!!


Damn puzzles..

wristband anyone?

Cutest dog EVER

Little does he know he is headed to Doggy Daycare

Don't ask...

Poor Florida girls were FREEZING

Vinny is having a lot of fun

Nice manly phone

Lunch with the bees

My hotty hubby and Lake Superior

Uh oh..some adventurous kids..

The CRAZIEST bug Ive ever seen

the light in the lighthouse