Entryway -- new floors, paint, light

Someday a new door :)

Living Room -- new furniture, paint, window treatments

Someday I'd like to have more appropriate window treatments but we'll see!

Sunroom - new paint, furnished

Perfect reading spot :)

Kitchen - new paint (walls & cupboards), floor, entrance

Dining Room - paint, window treatments

Painted frames because the mirrors weren't big enough (fall decor on sconces!)

Wall gallery with miscellaneous art, fabric and scrapbook paper. Frames were thriftstore or rehab'd

Added light fixture with the help of some dads!

Hall bath - painted, added plumbing

Guestroom - painted

Office - painted (this room has changed quite a bit since the pictures but owell!)

Basement - painted, new carpet, furnished, still far from complete!

I have since fixed the high-water curtains :)