Tearing plastic off the stairs...

Poor Charlie even has to eat off paper plates...moving sucks!

Ooh..nice new thermostat...

Britney checking out the new digs...

Gee...wonder why we bought new dressers? These are doing a fine job....

Vinny painting the walls pink. Just kidding, its spackle :-)

Awww...cute dog! And dont you love how the bay window became a tool box?

Still plenty of boxes...I didnt want to unpack the entire kitchen since we plan on a remodel at the beginning of the year.

View from the dining room..its so pretty and the windows are ginormous.

Charlie is just a little bit too short, he can look at the squirrels in the tree though..

Britney's permanent spot (if she isnt hiding under the bed)

Awww....could he be ANY cuter?? Sorry...I'm a sap for Charlie :-)

The boys installing drawer handles...

Yay! I love new hardware, makes such a difference...






All new door knobs....

Kitty fainted after seeing her dad install the new light..

Before - teeny tiny master bath

Ew! You can see the toilet 'hole' in this lovely shot..

Vinny ponders how in the heck he is going to fix this bathroom...hmmmm....

Before - Beige'ish striped wallpaper (that really wasn't bad) and nicotine yellow blinds

Ahhhh...better. Beige paint replaces the beige wallpaper, trim painted, new blinds.

New towel bar...old mirror.

New light fixture and medicine cabinet (that laser level came in handy with this install!)


I'm in the shower taking this picture....world's smallest bathroom!

Our first fire! Cozzzy!

Finally "found" something to put on the fireplace.We've had this picture for a few years and I had previously decided I didn't want it anymore!!

First 1/4 of the storm...I thought we had SO much snow...HA! Little did I know what was to come...

Charlie trying to find a way to get into the yard

Vinny in a snowglobe!

Hey handsome!

VAMH in Winter Wonderland


Still snowing...

Shoveling, shoveling...Luckily our neighbor used his snowblower three times on our driveway. Saved us!

View from inside!

Killer icicle

Trash anyone?

Charlie gives up on getting in the yard..poos in driveway instead. (Don't worry I pick it up!)

Our street


So that's why they have those poles on top of the fire hydrants...

New light and no more wallpaper!

Charlie watching Vinny install new light


New floor...paint and key!

Sooo much better (scroll up for very orange before picture!)

I love my key :-)

I got to make the first hole...so fun!

Dad checking it out

Vinny checking it out


Go Vinny!

Now the other side...

hahaha...Dad being silly

Looking good!!

Good view ;-)

Charlie watches from a safe distance

Little more demolition


What a mess!!!

Cutest dog ever

Charlie's view


Surprise wallpaper found under the paneling....I didnt think it could be worse than the 'apples & wheat' I took down!

The kitchen became the garage...

Oh Vey!!

Loooking good!

What a mess....(pretty sunset at least!)

Gettin there!

What a view!

Final touches...

All Done!!!!!!!!

So cuuute! We love it.....

New hood range!

Silly dog ;-) (still ugly old floor in this pic)

Kitty "helped" me do the floor..and got very dirty apparently..

Someday we will have a black fridge! Our new doorway is so awesome, I love it.

The picture on the floor will be Warhol's Tomato Soup can soon.....

My dorky but cute art work! I couldnt find a fork so I bought a spoon and my dad cut it into a fork for me! Spork!

My Fiestaware can finally be displayed....love it!

Cutest shelf! Coca Cola Light bottle from our honeymoon, giant tomato and Red Sox Hot Sauce from my Sissy...too cute!

Warhol print has arrived and been put in it's place...

I was so excited to see our hostas....they are about three times bigger now...

Surprise iris...pretty!

New paint, DIY art gallery, and new window treatments, it's almost a real room now!

Say hello to my little friend....(eeeek!!)

Flower pots are twice as huge now, they just keep getting bigger and bigger

Woah Hostas! See the sunflower my little squirrel friends planted?

Lots of lilies!

The sunflowers on each side of the 'garbage corral' were also planted by little creatures, I love them though!