-Happy 27th Birthday!-

Presents! Thank you UPS/FedEx/USPS guy/gal!


This is the temp in the car...the wind chill was -25.


Newlywed Handbook from Vinny (I've wanted it for months)

YAY! Ribbon garland from my mom! (I've wanted this for YEARS) ;-)

Charlie knows it came from Gamma's house

YAY!!! I *heart* my dish towels...possibly more than I should...

Sooo cute! Thanks mom!

Mmmmm....raffia wine

I learned from watching you MOM!

hehehe....LOVES them. (my mom makes these lighted wine bottles...too cute)


Vinny and I were wishing it was the employee swimsuit edition ;-)


Where's Kitty?

Wow! Very surprised by my Dad and Buddy's gift!


Still surprised...


Includes a very nice mirrored back (could I be any more vain?? Seriously.)

Looky Looky!

Charlie wants some presents...

Lazy kids.

New earrings from Gamma...LOVE them.

Vinny trying to figure out my Valentine blinky pin....

Yay! Kitty calendar....365 Cats is never enough for me.

LOVE! Scarlet Fiestaware shakers....

Tangerine Fiestaware butter dish. Looks perfect with my new shakers...Thank you!

Cute new makeup bag!

Kitty? Boy am I spoiled...thank you so much everyone!

Oh yeah and I got glasses! I can see! Amazing....