-Christmas 2004 at Mom's house-

My Mom's tree with a gazillion presents!


Jack Sparrow and Zavidan Ptica (yellow bird in Croation) are wondering where their presents are...

Vinny, Justin, Ashley and Mom

Mom is crying cuz she didn't get enough presents :-)

Where is sister? She's lost in the pile of presents!

The floor was covered in gifts..luckily Cracker found a gift that would work as a stool

Ashley and Jack Skellington

Vinny hiding behind his pile o gifts


Mom and her super cute kitty salt and pepper shakers

My favorite present

Vinny and his Patriots shirt

Mom glowing in the sun

What is it? What is it?

The Posse

Sister and her new stereo!

Pretty Mommy and her super cute kitty cookie jar


Sleepy VAMH

Stockings at Grandma's house...no, we aren't too old...

Sleepy kids...this Christmas morning stuff just kills us...

Cute Vinny

Abby cat is a little overwhelmed by all this Christmas action!


Grandma opening her jar opener

That is a beautiful package you have there Vinny...


Abby and Mom take a nap

yes...that is my mother sleeping with my Vinny....!!!

The ladies



The End!