-Meow! Ruff!-

britney's owie #1 before the vet visit...

$398.00 later....

cute charlie...

This is me trying Britney's harness on since she has become an outside cat. She didnt like it so much.

Harley is confused...

Not a happy cat...

You can see her wound #2 here...

This was the first and last time she wore the harness needless to say....

cute kitty...sick of mom taking pics of her ;-)

AWWW..Charlie...looking a lil chunky!!! So cute though


Britney and Charlie

Charlie and Britney

Eating dinner..

Going for the ride..

Bad dog on the couch!!

Bad dog and kitty!!

Mitsy girl

Frisbee anyone?

sooo cute!

Bad dog!!

Yankee Hater

Mitsy girl

arent they the cutest kids ever?