-Visit to Boise and Twin Falls for Ashley's graduation-

Rayn and I having some pizza from Chicago Connection...oh how I miss Chicago Connection! Swoon.

I'll stick my bunny ears up your nose little girl!

Dan and Hilary, looking chipper :)

Rayn and I cant see eachother and not produce a funny face picture!

The whole gang, except Dad and Buddy, they were taking the picture!

Macaela, Ang and I...such a great time visiting with them, I miss having friends. :(

Old roomies :)

Charlie's ex-girlfriend, Raena, getting old! :(

Harley's long lost twin, Kheira!

Mom by the river in Emmett

Tyrel on our drive to Emmett


Shoshone Falls

Gramma and Mom

If a woodchuck could chuck wood

The girls, minus sister!

She's always pushing the boundaries....lol

Here lizard lizard lizard