-Boston September 2005-

Angelo and Rula sharing the story of the infamous Samuel Adams

Vinny and JR...such a doll..both of em!

Tony being baptized


Eli found some tasty treats

Tony has no idea what is about to happen....

Look at the poor kid...no clue...

The Future and the Now

Uh Oh....i bet he is getting nervous...

AW MAN!! Foot in the cake?!?! This is an italian tradition..pretty cute

Big foot

OOOOHHHH...the wedding location. This is the pier that the Exchange Conference Center is located on. Such a 'Boston' venue.

View from the location...SO beautiful. Hopefully in May there will be sailboats too

To the left is our location..they were replacing windows, thats what all the 'machinery' is for.

NASTY city squirrel. All of you Idaho people...you are blessed with cute squirrels. This guy was so nasty...!!


If you look closely you can see that poor George had a prank played on him. He is wearing gold lace up high heels and purple velvet leg warmers!!!



reflection of the old Hancock building in the new Hancock building

Some more reflection shots

Gargoyles...all I can think of is Ghostbusters for some reason...


View from the Prudential. SO pretty...

These houses are the most amazing part of Boston. I cant wait for my Idaho family to come see all the things that amaze me and I know will amaze them

Fenway ;-)

Vinny and a picture of his school name on a display in the Prudential


Very strange building. Apparently a movie is being filmed here about the Italian mafia starring Matt Damon...maybe someday we will recognize it?

Bridge that I thought was neat


THIS IS THE FREAKIN JAIL?!? Waterfront property for the best of mankind....*sigh*

The church again that I obviously like...:-)

Union Oyster House, America's oldest restaurant est 1826

America's oldest continuously operating tavern since 1795

The real ocean..:-)

VAMH at the beach

The beautiful waterfront property?....waste of space if you ask me! Build me some condos...