-Boys visit Minneapolis August 2005-

Vinny tried to kill everyone the first night by taking us to White Castle for dinner

Sean's opinion

White Castle Art

The boys in front of the Metrodome

Happy kids...this was the beginning of the game...

Go Johnny!! woo-woo

The only decent base hit from Boston...


Sean and his nuclear hot dog

Vinny shows us where the nuclear relish originated...ew


As the evening went on the excitement turned to sadness...

Sean and Rajib

See that score??

Where's Vinny...(can you find him?)

The boys sharing a watermelon margarita...hehehe

Dance Dance Revolution

The Sean's playing DDR

Zac and Rajib killing something

How freaking cute is Vinny? I love this pic...

Sean taking a dip in some random fountain

Somehow he talked Rajib into joining him...

The hotties cooling off by the fountain

This is when the Secret Service came....whoops

Sean in the Mississippi River

Backstreet Boys

awww...lil bunny!

Zac's adventure to the church

The boys and the original Stone Arch Bridge

After taking a trail down we got to this stair case that was chained off due to its obviously bad condition..did that stop us? HA!

Notice the 'slight' slant of the stairs...it was much worse in person but you still get the idea

One at a time and very quickly....

Made it!

The top of the stair case that warned people to stay away!

St Paul Capitol Building...this was taken by Sean O hanging out of the sunroof shortly after almost losing the camera permanently

The 'Sean's' ever so graciously drove with me in the Honda most of the weekend...we had a good time, singing, cupping breasts, things like that...

Sean trying to blind me while driving..