-Boston 2004-

Being able to see where Vince grew up was wonderful. I was able to meet a lot more of his family and all of the friends I have heard so much about.Vince and I are very opposite in the way we grew up and our families and getting to know his background more and more is great. His family is so wonderful and was so welcoming to me. The funnest times I had in Boston were with Vince's family and friends.

The day we arrived in Boston Lucy and George invited us to dinner at their home. It was good fun meeting them and hearing hilarious stories of their family and Vinny's childhood. George and Lucy also have two absolutely adorable kids, Eli and J.R. that entertained us quite a bit!; Vince's cousin George gave me a fabulous tour of downtown Boston the next afternoon. We saw Beacon Hill, the 'Cheers' bar, Boston Common and Newbury Street among others.

I was able throughout our entire vacation to also meet Vince's other cousins, Johnny, Nina, Fadia and Angelo and their families. We had such a good time with them all. I'm now able to put almost the whole family tree together in my head!

Spending time with Vince's friends was fantastic. I've heard so many stories and experiences and to finally put faces to the names was great. I have to admit I was very nervous meeting everyone but that feeling definitely disappeared as soon as I met everyone. Meeting the people that mean so much to Vince was very important.

Penguins at the New England Aquarium in Boston

Huge Turtle

Fanueil Hall

Castle Island

The Ocean

Vinny and the Boston skyline

Vinny's high school, Boston Latin School

Museum of Fine Arts


Animal Mummies

Monet paintings

Vinny and a Picasso painting

Museum of Science

Me with Albert Einstein

Vince and SkyLab