-Dad visit to Minneapolis-


Squirrel sleeping in the tree outside the Dining Room window

That's the big tree my dad trimmed!

The new light is ready to be installed!!

Mallard duck chilling in our yard, so strange?

He must love the long grass that needs mowed ;)


On the way down he realized he had cut a branch off that he used to get up....

But he ended up making it down safely, after a few terrifying moments!

New light!!

When Vinny and his dad were installing the electrical box they accidentally made a little crack in the ceiling, but the ceiling medallion covers it!


When we arent climbing trees or tables we are definitely vegging on the 'puters!

Ripping up the old torn carpet off the patio...I didnt want to replace it w/ carpet but getting the glue off would have been a year long project..

So carpet it is!

And while the boys did carpet, I planted some flowers finally! (go to 'house pictures' and see how much they have grown!!)

Break time!

Da boys


The end! Much better!