-Florida 2004-

Vince and I thought we would visit Florida at a time when Boise and Florida were both cooling down. Well, I'm now convinced that Florida doesn't cool off!! The temperature stayed around 90 degrees the entire time we were in Disney World and thankfully dropped a few degrees when we visited West Pam Beach. Our first stop in Florida was to Tampa where we stayed one evening on the Bay. It was beautiful staying right on the water. We then traveled to Orlando to visit Disney World. I was amazed at the size of Disney, they have like 6 exits alone!! We stayed in a Disney Resort (Pop Century) and visited 5 of the parks: MGM, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Downtown Disney, and Typhoon Lagoon. We were lucky enough to visit right after the hurricanes and during off season for tourists, we were able to ride most of the rides with no wait at all!! After we did the Disney Experience we drove to West Palm Beach to visit with Vinny's family. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Home cooked meals, Red Sox games, Presidential and Vice Presidential debates filled most of our time! We visited the ocean, shopped and were able to drive around and see the destruction from the hurricanes. I always have so much fun with Vinny's sister, Andrea, we are identical in so many ways! She took me to see these wild kitties at Taco Bell, which she knew I would love, we went shopping for a homecoming dress and also bought some Jessica Simpson Delicious products at Sephora. We will be back soon to see her graduate. After that trip I tell Vinny we aren't coming back to this HUMID state unless its December or January!!!

The view of the Tampa Bay from our room

The hotel we stayed at did have a private beach and this small pier but they were both destroyed by the hurricanes

The beautiful view again

We also stopped by the Raymond James Buccaneer Stadium

Vinny and a giant Mickey hat at MGM

Vinny and I got to play an actual round of Who Wants to be a Millionaire...Vinny was close to winning but missed a question on a Disney movie

The Rockin Roller Coaster was one of the best! It's Aerosmith themed

Me at Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom

VAMH at Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain!!!

Help us find it Vinny!!!

VAMH relaxing on the train

Vinny and I at the Disney Christmas Store

This was my favorite store...Tails...it had all animal stuff from Disney movies!!

Vinny attempting to smile for over 20 minutes...what a struggle!!

Vinny and his girl, Jessica Rabbit, at Pleasure Island

Food and Wine Festival at Epcot..look close and you will see Mickey and Minnie made out of plants!


Goofy bbq'ing

The ride that beat me...I chickened out. ....unbelievable...sigh

VAMH at Epcot

The sunset at Epcot

Me in "Italy"

Vinny in "Italy"

ring ring ring


Vinny doing his best impression of the todem pole

This HUGE status of Lady is at our hotel...actually..our hotel room is right behind her!

VAMH at Animal Kingdom

If you click on this photo and look closely you can see there are hundreds of animals carved in the trunk

Notice Vinny's shirt....Grumpy's Debate...I'm right, you're wrong!!!!! So Vinny...

We went on a safari and saw many animals...such as these hippos

They call these trees, "upside down trees" because it looks like the roots are on the top

Look close...can you find the lion??

Golden Monkey

Vinny climbing on a dinosaur

Typhoon Lagoon--my favorite park that we visited...every 10 minutes or so they would release a 6 foot wave!! Vinny and I had so much fun just playing

Vinny and his dream girl again, Jessica Rabbit

These giant bowling pins surrounded our 50's themed hotel

The Maroun's at the ocean

VAMH at the ocean!


whoops! a self potrait gone bad!


The Taco Bell kitties..We met a guy that actually takes care of these 15 cats. He feeds them daily and has taken them all to get their shots & fixed


My favorite kitty...Andrea named her Oreo and the care-taker guy named her Bella (taco bell)