-Andrea and Andrea visit Boise 2004-

Vince, Andrea, and Vince's Mom playing Mini-Golf

It's not as cold as she makes it seem!!!

Andrea patiently waiting as I make my shot.

Its going in!!

Vince and Andrea...How cute!

Andrea, Vince, and Charlie at the Rose Garden

Vince, Charlie, and I at the Rose Garden

Andrea with Mrs. Buttersworth

Vince and his girls

Table Rock

Andrea, Vince, and Andrea on Table Rock

The boss



Patti and Vince Getting ready to eat!

Everyone Chatting

Andrea relaxing after a yummy dinner!

Dad, Jay, Hilary, and Andrea

Dad opening presents on Father's Day

Say "thank you"!

Charlie after a hard day's work!


Andrea and Vince


Rayn looking so cute! :)

Vince, Andrea, and Andrea. (Mom, what are you looking at?)

Andrea and Charlie

Andrea and Vince being goofballs!!!

Go Red Sox!

Andrea quenching her thirst!

Patti, Matt, and Vince

Vince about to go tubing!

Andrea and I having fun!

Vince and Andrea getting ready to go tubing!

Matt and Andrea on the dock.

"Look mom, NO HANDS!!"

Hi Andrea!

Andrea catching a wave.

Bathing Beauty!

Andrea enjoying the sun!

Soaking up the sun!

"I can do it!"

So cute!

Andrea looking tanner!

E Z Cheese lady!

Soaking up the sun.

Andrea and Vince on Table Rock

Me and Vince!

Me and Andrea!

Vince being sweet

Vince and Andrea chatting!

Hey, what's on Vince?

Is it dead???

Hey, the fishy jumped on Andrea!

Taking a nap

Andrea, Mom,and Vince being lazy!

Oscar, what are you doing on Mom?

Cracker..you too??

All of us in the pool! Vince, what are you doing?

Say cheese!

Andrea talking to her daddy!

Me and Vince! Cheese :)