-Idaho Summer 2007-

Vinny and I were finally able to join in on the North Idaho vacation. My dad has done this trip for the last three or four years and we have never been able to make it, whether it was moving or a wedding that prevented it!

It was an amazing time for sure. The house is RIGHT on the lake with its own dock and everything. Beautiful area. We got their Friday evening and took a tour of the lake on Saturday before everyone else arrived. Wow are there some NIIIICE houses!

Saturday late Norven, Renee, Jackson, McKenzie, Missy and Kelly arrived to join us for the week. It has been four years since we saw eachother! The kids have grown so much and we really enjoyed hanging out with everyone. We spent a few lazy days hanging in the water, took a trip to an amusement/water park and celebrated Jackson's 8th Birthday. We had a great time and hope to make it for next year!

We flew into Boise on Tuesday evening. We spent most of our time there visiting everyone and just relaxing at home. Fabulous to see my mom, gramma, sister as well as Mika and my other Boise buddies. Looking forward to Christmas already!

The pictures are a bit out of order, I don't have the patience to fix it this update :)

Action Jackson!



skkkkkget it!!!

Our soap opera pose, if only I was in tears, then it would be perfect!

Ewwwww!!! Buddy brought you a present....

Jackson with his very first flag duty

Vinny and I have met our doom...dumdumdum

THIS is the life!

Boat rescue operation #342

Tieing it to the tree

How cool is this picture?!? Camera setting changed and I didnt know but it turned out super cool!!

The humble abode

Buddy even has pirate wear

Pirate Pals

Hershey Kiss house

As we got closer I decided to stop making fun of it...WOW amazing house huh?

touring the lake

Buddy loves the boat

Weird castle being remodeled. HUGE

Hey you too!

What is it? What is it?

another castle...this one might have a moat when its done..

Beautiful :)

Playing cribbage


Clearest lake water I have ever seen!

The bad ass neighbor chick, lives alone, caught her dinner!

I'm hoping we can get something similar for our house.....EEK!

Jackson's Transformer cake




McKenzie is having the time of her life ;)


Who wore sunscreen and who didn't...hmmmmm

Renee playing with Transformers



So cute! Muah!

Kelly and Missy!


Snowcones! Vinny didnt know what I was talking about...

YUM! They dont have sno-shacks in Minnesota :(

My lovely ladies :)

MMMM...da fruit dip!

Playing games, appearing smart

Love you!

Pretty roses and I swear my Gramma was the only person in Idaho with green grass!

Technical Support

This is all I saw of Abby cat, hiding under the bed :(



hahahaha....someone played a trick on poor Simplot's hill...can you see it? We didn't catch it before they spray painted it green...

Sister!! Blonde!

HD and Sister

Ok Allison, thats enough..


Oscar didnt feel good when we were there :(


My sister the groundhog

Playing a celebrity trivia game (that he WON I will add...wtf?)

At Mika's having a BBQ!

My girl doing what she does best!

Too bad there were only two kids :(

John and Vinny

Gamma enjoying the shade and a daiquiri


My girls having the time of their life :)

Jack preparing for January

VAMH and our good friend Pam

Kelly, JoJo, Cameron and Jack (also noted, baby williamson in the picture)

Kaitlyn and Mika found some shade

Josh and Cameron


Most of the gang, heading home

Kelly's pregnant :)

My $7 balloon :)

My peeps :)

Gramma has had enough...

JoJo relaxing after a hard game of badmitton

Me, Ashley's Dad and Ashley (my other dad for many many years)

Talking business


me and pfitzpa, miss her much!

BSU and Cobby's, nothing better!!

Breakfast on our last day :(

Dinner on our first day :)