-Visit to Boise 2004-

Anthony and Kathy in the entrance of a Table Rock cave

Vinny and I with a nice view of Boise

Anthony rock climbing

Carving our names into the mountain

Anthony and Vinny's Senior portrait pose

Kathy and Anthony

The cross at Table Rock..and a storm brewing

Vinny and Anthony with Boise in the background


The lovebirds

Maroun boys!

Vinny and Anthony at Table Rock


Dinner at the beautiful Mona Lisa

Anthony and Kathy on the balcony at the Mona Lisa

Kathy, Anthony and Vinny on the Boise River

Vinny on the river

Anthony and Kathy at the Rose Garden

Me at the Rose Garden

Anthony being a goofball..aka Walrus

We are ready!!


The whole crew!

Vinny and Kathy

Anthony and I

This was so much fun!

All smiles!

Yee Ha!

Here we go!

UH-OH..Anthony spots the rapids ahead!

The boys enjoying a slow portion of the river



Enjoying the river after the float