Skee-ball @ Dave&Busters


Vinny gives up..GO MIKA!

Como Park Conservatory

Beautiful! They change this room seasonally, this was the last day of the 'Winter Display'

Vinny was loooving this........ACHOOO ;-)

Can you tell it was StPatty's Day? ;-)



Weird pokey things

HUGE plant!

Deep thoughts...

Cute purse lady ;-)


even ewwwwwer!

More bananas

Mika taking pics of the hungry polar bear

These guys were NOT happy...it was very obviously dinner time

Is it morbid that I proceeded to order a buffalo burger for dinner that night?


Lion was VERY hungry...he was growling and I can honestly say it was the scariest thing I've EVER heard..

Snow Leopard

Skinny tiger

Fun fun! Miss her already...*sigh*