-Minnesota Rentals-

From 4 bedrooms to 2, 4 baths to 2, 2 living areas to 1, 3 stories to 1......BUT...we love it

This is what happens when you sell your couch

Little did Vinny know that reading a magazine could be so uncomfortable in so many ways

Our new house! This is Vinny trying to figure out why the heck its so hot in herrrre

New Kitchen (can't wait to put my CUTE FiestaWare in that cabinet!!!)

Front door from the kitchen, can kinda see the dining area and hallway

Kitchen again...

Hallway, front door, and kitchen from back of the living room

Welcome to my World...

And this is what happens when you have 10 totes of ONLY Christmas stuff....sigh :-(

Ooooh...how pretty! The plates are missing but you get the idea...I love my FiestaWare

Aw Mom..this sucks...

Spring has arrived!! It was so windy, can you see the snow 'stuck' to the building..crazy, the whole city looked like that!

Out the front window, this is storm #1

Wanna sit on the patio?

Pretty though...

And of course Charlie has to 'poo' 500 feet away, through the snow drifts and over the hill to grandmother's house we go.....wait....

Let me in Mom, this sucks!

Storm #2 added a little more padding to the patio

Tornado warnings....boy this looks fun huh?

Charlie thought the whole situation was strange for about 1.5 seconds

Kitty on the other hand was not so adaptable

I'm also not so adaptable...terrified actually...

awwwww...cute kids!

Mississippi River, this is where the fireworks were actually shot off.


VAMH in Minneapolis and no thats not a sunburn, I'm just hot as hell!

Waiting for the fireworks

the floorplan, made by me!! tough work..




after (sorry its dark)










after (who is that cutie in the fridge?)


before - looks lots different now, cars and everything..



before - once again..little different now, clothes and everything!

before - master bath



after - Entry as well as Charlie's dining room

before - downstairs living room


before - downstairs bath


Office, Allison's side

Office, Vinny's side

Dog Room

Dog room

My bathroom

Master..boring...cute dog though ;-)

This is the home we almost chose, I'm really glad we didnt since this one has another building right behind it, Charlie wouldnt have a 'frisbee hill'

This is our view out the back patio. Charlie's play and pooping area, also the hill that saved us from the tornado

view to the right

Our patio previous to being 'accessorized'

Our place from the back.

Poor Kitty..she really wants outside :-(

Nice tongue!

hahahahahaha...Charlie pooping with frisbee still in mouth!

pictures from the model

pictures from the model

pictures from the model

pictures from the model

This is kitty on her first real road trip, she was a lil pissy a couple times but all in all it was very uneventful

Cute dog! Charlie did perfectly fine on the trip over, of course, he is the world's most adaptable dog we've decided

This pic was taken in North Dakota, explains the boredom of feet photography. My new toe ring, compliments of Pam :-)

Kitty's new hiding spot

Charlie enjoying our last slumber party in the Boise house

Gamma's pooped after loading

The Penske and the poor Honda!

For Rent...sigh