-Mom visit to Minneapolis-

We're ready! Look at all that fabric!

Mom sewing for a bit...

Cheeese!! Both modeling our product too btw..

Dinner served! Such a good husband :)

Charlie is sick of headbands...(look at all of them!)

lol...someone thinks he is funny....

Proud girls! All for Mika!

Standing proud this time..

Can you tell I'm proud??

Ok...thats enough.

Cool dude

Car show!


Totally has a face huh?

Me likey

I can sooo see myself in this one, with my scarf flying in the wind


Mom is tired, and hot, ready to go!

Martha's cookies! Best cookies ever ever ever.

This is for Mika...we went to Steve & Barry's to see Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line, Bitten

On the way to Wisconsin we found an Idaho restaraunt!! Must return

Mmmmmm....cherry rum ice cream from Nelson's Cheese Factory in Wisconsin



Kids are annoying, even when they are 27. Its a lifetime job people. Ask her.

And he signed up to be my husband...bwahahahaha!

Eating at the Rainforest Cafe at the Mall of America. Little cheesey. Little Spendy. Not so good.

Me and my mommy!

Cool dude again...so chill...

My wittle baby Britney

Family photo

Look at the tailgate on that puppy!!

Da younger city, MSP