-South Dakota-

Vinny with the Black Hills and a full moon in the backgroud

Me in front of the National Mount Rushmore Memorial

Vinny and the boys

Me and the boys...

The walkway to the monument has the flags of all 50 states..this is me sitting in front of the Idaho flag

Here is Vinny in front of his home state

Take a country girl anywhere and she will find the lamest things that amaze her...this is me next to a pop machine with a picture of Mt Rushmore on it...I thought it was so neat!!

We had to wait about an hour for the lighting ceremony..we took goofy pics like this one and played Rock, Paper, Scissors...

After a short film about the history of the monument and speech by a park representative the mountain is lit up while the National Anthem is played.

Man...you cant imagine how exciting it is to be driving up a mountain and turning a corner and seeing Mount Rushmore

And he is even wearing his Mount Rushmore shirt!


A Goat grazing through the grass

hehehehehe...as we were leaving the park there were goats walking into the parking garage!!

We also went through some caves while in Rapids City, this pictures is Vince surrounded by beautiful trees on the path to the caves

9 stories into the earth we go!!The tempature dropped 40 degrees to a chilly 43 degrees!brrrrr

Where the flash light is shining is the largest known dog tooth crystal in the world (16 inches). They grow an inch every 150 years!

The flight up...they said its about 9 stories!

Thats me...wiped out after climbing out!!

Vinny the explorer

haha...This is Redig, South Dakota, this "town" was even on the map!! It consists of what you see in the picture...a house and an abandoned house!

LOL..This fake cop car was something we ran across in another lil tiny town in North Dakota...I think its a sack of potatos with a hat on!!!

Thanks to this full moon I had something semi interesting to look at for some of our trip!

Another amusing sign of what we ran into on our drive..a CURFEW! I honestly have never heard of such a thing except in hurricanes or war!!