I never imagined that lil' ol' me from Boise, Idaho would have the opportunity to visit New York City , New York. It is a place that to me really only existed in the news, in books, and on TV. NYC was just as magical as you could ever imagine. The crowds, the lights, the feelings. Seeing landmarks so well recognized was surreal. Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building. I had the most amazing time being with Vince here, and absorbing all NYC had to offer.

Our Hotel Entrance

Our room at the beautiful Marriot Times Square Marquis

Our first night in Times Square, it was amazing

Vinny in Times Square

Me in Times Square

A HUGE picture of P Diddy and Madonna

Vince in front of the studio where David Letterman is taped

The view from the Empire State Building...82nd floor!!

That's me...82 stories up!

The Hudson River from the Empire State Building..look close and you will see the Statue of Liberty

The Chrysler Building

The view looking up!

VAMH @ the Empire State Building

Long way down...!

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

VAMH walking along the Hudson River

Me in lower Manhatten

Vinny near the financial district

Manhatten from the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

Manhatten from the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

There she is!!

Vinny at Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Skating Rink

NBC Studios

Radio City Music Hall

Vince and his friend, Jenna

My favorite picture

Volvo made of LEGOS!

Allison in Heaven

United Nations

Chrysler Building

Grand Central Station

Bye NYC!