-Ohio September 2008-

 My friend Beth 'came out of the closet' with her internet friends (myself included!) She explains it best on her blog if you want to know more history behind these crazy whores!


Definition from a whore herself, Dusty:

Whore[hawr, hohr or, often, hoor]: Is is strange that I've come to think of the word "whore" as a term of endearment? I blame my online friends. What started out as "attention whoring" on The Nest has turned into a veritable anthem for us--something along the lines of "We're attention whores and proud of it!" Over time we've dropped the "attention" and now lovingly refer to each other as just "whores."

Sitting at Dusty's AMAZING house!

In her infamous circle room!!

Dusty's "better than a luxury hotel" guestroom!

Ohio -- here we come!

Where my hose at?

Steph and her adorable son, Adam met us at the airport!

We made funny and innappropriate signs for the other whores -- it was great to watch people read them as they passed us by.

BETH! She is a weee bit overwhelmed at this point I imagine!

Red Robin for lunch!

From lunch we headed directly to a bar -- at 2pm no less. This is me being gangsta


We shared two bowls/jugs of beverages

This will soooooo be us in 40 years.

Whores 2008

This alligator full of 151 came with our jugs -- Aly (nickname Alygator) gave it a try.


Then Jenna arrived! Nothing like walking into a bar to meet 8 buzzed girls for the first time I bet!

Then we picked up Miss Emily (who if you remember from NOLA, definitely drops it like its hot)

We went back to the hotel and opened our package from Dawn!

I look like I'm about ready to take a bite of Aly's ass

Dawn sent us a bottle of champagne and a picture of her on a stick so she could be with us all weekend!

Beth printed pictures of all the girls that couldnt make it -- they spent the weekend with us and posed for this group shot!

On Saturday I cut the sleeves off my shirt because it was way too hot for long sleeves. Dusty is wearing them in this picture, posing behind me!

arm warmers :)

Honorary whore, Joe (Natalie's hubby) riding with us to North Market

Awww! Two of the best girls ever!

Angela and I having sushi at North Market

Sam and Dusty perusing Hello Kitty accessories!

Steph giving some love to Fiestaware

Aly and her melons

Em loves cheese :)

Pear Reisling sorbet -- YUM


After North Market we headed for...what else? a bar!

eat.drink.be happy. -- check.check.check.

Then we headed to an arts festival on the riva -- classed everything up there!


Back to the hotel for some of this..

a little accessorizing

Some baby lovin! We got to meet our first born nephew! Such a doll!

Big Pimpin

Had some of Dawn's champagne

Straightened Dawn's hair before we went out for the night


sexy aly!!

Ready to go!

Dinner at Buca di Beppo

Out for drinks and dancing

Aly watching football...lol

Dusty tasting some dude's buckeyes...lmao

Sunday morning breakfast :(

Mandy came on Suday for breakfast -- she just had twins!

The twins and Mason with Dawn

We all kissed Dawn goodbye

Sad girls at the airport


The end.