Dad and his sister (aka Aunt Candi)

So serious Mika...


One of our favorites....wives must be callin ;-)

Brhthers ♥

My girls

Rajib and Hilary


Hilary and I

The ECC on the big day...must've stopped raining for 2 milliseconds for this picture

Me and my facial expressions...always makes me wish I could remember what was being said

lol..something very surprising apparently

Stop it!

Good roll?

The only picture of the cocktail hour we have seen....

Lamia, Sean, Angie and Chris

George and Nick enjoying the cocktail hour

Juliet, Vinny, Nick, Chloe and Sean before the ceremony

Drew and Melissa

The second coolest table

BLS crew

Jamie and George

Donny and his date

Lam and Rajib, beautiful siblings I will add

lol..sleepy kids...

The whole gang, Vinny and I ran and got in the picture hence some of the weird looks we are attracting

Getting our hair did

Sister ended up with two 'curlers' after a while

Looking good Mika

My new sister, officially

My step sister Hilary and I

My sister from another mother

My last self portrait as Miss Horn

And Andrea's last self potrait before getting a new sister

Rayn and I..such a doll

Hot! I loved the way the dresses and flowers looked on the big day

This is not the only picture of Sean with this face....

Aww....The Newlyweds

My fabulous new husband with my fabulous flowers

and Rayn getting yelled at...unfortunately Saturday was a little rowdy for poor Rayn

hmmm...and I thought she said my wedding was fun?!?

The other Maroun newlyweds


My sisters from another mother again

Andrea and Sean


Anthony and Kathy


My fabulous Maid of Honor and Sister

My other new sister! Two in one day

the flowers..again...:-)

Sister and Rajib

Dad and George

Dancing..the kids were so much fun

Sisters hair stayed curled all night! So pretty

Oh Sean....don't you know she is married to A MARINE??

My flowers the next morning...so sad I had to leave them

Vinny after getting the bill....

I love these girls!


little butterflies?

Grandma prepping Eli

I love this picture....its like time froze or something...

See..I told you you would see that face again...

Mr and Mrs Maroun!

Anthony giving his toast

brotherly love

This is the cool table

My beautiful sisters

We had so much fun...couldnt stop dancing..

Surfin USA...in case you couldnt tell


Go Gamma and Vinny!!

Twist and Shout